Quality since 1925

Favari name is on the mechanical transmission market since 1925, when Favari Macchine Utensili was founded, then, with the second generation, Favari Variatori SpA and now Favari Trasmissioni s.r.l.

Favari Trasmissioni s.r.l., thanks to almost one hundred years of experience, is today a point of reference for its customers.

Favari Tramissioni s.r.l. offers solutions for power transmission with a wide range of products of high technical value, made by leading companies in the sector, represented and distributed by us.

Wide range of products

The firm represents in Italy the following companies:

  • TANDLER: manufactor of bevel, speed modulation and epicycloid planetary precision gearboxes, Hypoid
  • TSCHAN: manufactor of elastic, lamellar and tooth gear couplings
  • ZIMM: trapezoidal screw or recirculating ball screw jacks, translating or rotating
  • PIV Drives: manufactor of variable-speed drives with lamellar chain/linkage
  • ORBIT/SCHMIDT: manufator of homocinetic coupling with big misalignements
  • IMS GEAR: manufactor of epicycloid gearboxes with small power

Furthermore Favari Trasmissioni sells its own products:

  • FV-KUPPLUNG: steel lamellar couplings, joints for drums, roller joints
  • WSV-KUPPLUNG: aluminium/steel flexible couplings
  • FVK-KUPPLUNG: steel bellow couplings

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